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Horse Track Ranch
Fort Sumner, NM

State: New Mexico

Region: Central New Mexico

County: Guadalupe/DeBaca

Property Type: Grazing cattle ranch

Acres: 9,385.81 acres more or less

Location: Approximately 15 miles North of Fort Sumner, NM on US Hwy 84

This 9,385.81 acre all deeded cattle ranch with state-of-the-art improvements is located approximately 15 miles north of Fort Sumner on US Hwy 84, predominantly in Guadalupe County with a small part in DeBaca County.

This area of New Mexico has a mild climate with a 180 day growing season, elevation at the ranch is approximately 4500’ above sea level with average annual rain fall (rain and snow) estimated at 14.8” per year.

The ranch is located on the confluence of wet weather Alamogordo, Potrillo and Butt Creeks which flow southwest towards Lake Sumner which is well developed with homes, restaurant, bait store, boat ramps, etc. providing recreation such as boating and fishing for the area as well as water for irrigation in the Fort Sumner area.

The owner is a gifted artisan and the complete headquarters is extremely well appointed. The main residence is a double-wide, modular home with three bedrooms, two baths and a large attached garage. The home has a very attractive stucco exterior and the owner has added two full porches (both front and back), the large double-car garage, a large office/mud-room and has covered the complete residence with a new metal roof. The back yard is fenced and well maintained.

Also at the headquarters there is a two bedroom, one bath residence for employee housing (or a guest house) that has been updated, a bunk house, nice horse barns and pens, cutting horse training pens, a large metal hay barn partially enclosed, a three bin over-head feed storage with 60,000 pound capacity, a good shop area and an open front metal shed which provides covered parking space for vehicles and equipment.

Water quality is good and water is well distributed throughout the ranch, several of the wells are used just as a back-up in the event of windmill or pump trouble and several of the windmills have a back-up submersible electric motor and pump mounted to the bottom of the cylinder with electricity to be supplied by a portable generator.

This extremely well watered ranch has thirteen wells located throughout the pastures together with approximately five miles of pipeline and six large storage tanks situated strategically throughout the ranch. Pumping levels on the ranch range from 20’ to 209’. Water is pumped by eleven windmills and two submersible electric motors and pumps on electricity.

There are four additional wells which supply water for the headquarters and the surrounding area which are equipped with submersible electric motors and pumps on electricity.

There is a state-of-the-art set of pens at the headquarters which are complete with a hydraulic squeeze chute, a livestock scale and a permanent loading/unloading chute. There are also three state-of-the-art branding/gathering pens situated strategically throughout the ranch to provide working facilities and water for several adjoining pastures at each set of pens. There are ten pastures and six traps with all fences being five strands of barbed wire in excellent condition. The pens at the headquarters are used by owner to train and work cutting horses – one horse walker, cutting training pen with mechanical flag system.

There is also an old homestead on the ranch from many years past that has an old set of pens which have been added to and with some work, a useable barn. At this old homestead there is a well pumping from 20’ which is equipped with a submersible electric motor and pump on electricity with several springs flowing south of the old homestead.

There is an area of Cedar breaks in the southeast corner of the ranch which also provide a beautiful area of the ranch for picnicking as well as winter protection for wild game and livestock. Large trees around many of the watering areas and along the creeks in several areas of the ranch also provide beauty, recreation and protection for the livestock and wild game.

Hunting on the ranch consists of Mule Deer, Quail, Antelope and seasonal wild Turkey.

The ranch is fairly level with open, rolling hills and slopes to the creeks. Pastura, Harvey and Clovis soil types yield strong grass production.

Grasses found on the ranch are Blue, Black, Side Oats and Hairy Grama, Buffalo, Desert Salt Grass, Bottle Bash, Squirrel Trail, Galleta, Tobosa, Mesquite, Bluestem, Indian Grass, Alkali Sacaton and Sand Dropseed.


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