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Plainview Grain Storage and Warehouses

State: Texas

Region: Panhandle

County: Hale

Property Type: Commercial

Taxes: $9,369.88 (2016) excluding equipment

Location: Plainview, Texas
Please scroll through for complete documentation of this prime property, including
our full brochure and complete walkthrough photography of all available tracts-

This property has served as the primary location of a large grain-sorghum/forage-sorghum seed company for many years, a function for which it is well suited. The property includes 2 elevators, 10 integrated grain bins, 40 stand-alone grain bins, 9 warehouses and a large office building plus numerous other improvements. It is offered for sale in 4 separate tracts which are described as follows:

Tract A
Price: $700,000 with seed cleaning/treatment & bagging equipment
           $485,000 w/o equipment
Taxes: $2,587 (2016) for real property
$2,000 (estimated) for equipment

Seed cleaning and bagging equipment is located in the north end of a 72'x190' warehouse with the rest of the warehouse used to store pallets of seed. Attached is a 40íx60í clear-span modern metal building with 17' eave height 1 rollup door that is used as a shop building and has a 10íx15í room that houses seed-treatment equipment. Also attached to this warehouse is a newer 76'x90' modern metal building with 2 rollup doors, 17' eave height and two rows of support columns that is used to store pallets of foundation seed. There are 2 dump pits connected to 10 integrated bins. Two of the integrated bins hold approximately 300,000 lbs. each and the other 8 hold approximately 1,100,000 lbs. each. There are also 17 stand-alone bins, 2 which hold approximately 500,000 lbs. each and 15 which hold approximately 200,000 lbs. each. There is also an older 18íx90í building used for storage and a rail siding that has not been used in a number of years but which could likely be refurbished and used.

Tract B
Price: $700,000
Taxes: $3,436 (2016)

A 48'x100' brick building contains 7 offices, reception area, conference room, large break room and restrooms. An attached 12.5'x86' building houses digital scale controls for an adjoining 70' truck scale as well as grain sampling equipment and space for sample storage. There is a 30'x80' maintenance/storage building, 23 stand-alone bins which hold approximately 200,000 lbs. each, a concrete elevator that holds approximately 5,200,000 lbs. with 15 separate bins and a dump pit as well as two warehouses. One of the warehouses is a 60'x180' Quonset building connected to the other warehouse which is a 90'x116' modern metal building with 2 rollup doors, 15' eave height and 4 support posts offset to one side.

Tract C - SOLD!

Tract D
Price: $410,000
Taxes: $2,310 (2016)

There is a concrete elevator that holds approximately 26,500,000 lbs. with 29 separate bins and 2 dump pits. There is a 30'x118' scale house/office building with an adjoining 70í truck scale that is repairable. There is a 90'x140' warehouse with a sliding door, 14' eave height and entry ramp that is currently used to store used or excess seed cleaning and bagging equipment. A second warehouse is 100'x140' with a sliding door in each end and 14' overhead clearance. There are 2 other buildings available for storage one of which is 24'x60' and the other is 40'x60'. This tract fronts U.S. Hwy 70 as well as 6th and Elm Streets.

Tract E
Price: $400,000
Taxes: $1,037 (2016)

This tract contains 3 warehouses plus a security-fenced 93'x140' lot that has frontage on both Date and 6th Streets. One warehouse is 100'x140' with 14' overhead clearance, a rollup door and connecting door to the middle warehouse which is 50'x140' and connected to the east warehouse. The east warehouse is 50'x140' concrete block construction with pipe rafters, 16' overhead clearance and a rollup and a sliding door on its east side which fronts Elm Street. The east warehouse has a 16' step-up in the concrete floor about 1/3 of the way from its south end.

All of the grain storage, seed processing, warehouse and maintenance facilities were utilized by the seed company and appear to be in good condition with the exception of the roof of the west warehouse in Tract D, the truck scales in Tract D, the rail siding in Tract A and perhaps some of the smaller buildings used for storage.

There are numerous potential uses for these facilities which are priced to sell. Please call to arrange an appointment to inspect all or any part of this property.

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