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Shady Tree Ranch
  State: New Mexico
  Region: Northeastern
  County: Union
  Property Type: Irrigated Farmland
                            Grassland and Home
  Acres: 640 acres more or less
              NM State Leased Land
  Taxes: None–State Lease Section.
  Location: 15 miles South of Clayton, NM
  on Hwy. 402 to Furlow Rd. (all weather
  road) thence 1 mile West on Furlow Rd.
  to Nikkel Rd. arriving at the Northeast
  corner of the property.

Let’s look at this 640 acre New Mexico State Lease property!

Information on the property is as follows:

1. A three bedroom, 1 ½ bath, two story home with stucco exterior, a detached wood frame two-car carport and a beautifully landscaped yard with huge mature trees. The yard is flood irrigated from the underground pipeline irrigation system for the pivot sprinklers.
2. A 42’X50’ metal, heated shop building with concrete floor and two electric roll-up doors.
3. There is a small set of wood pens with a permanent loading/unloading chute and a manual working chute for livestock handling.

Fencing on the property is constructed with five strands of barbed wire strung in a sequence on four steel posts and then a cedar post.

Also on our website is information on the following properties which are located also in close proximity to this property:
1) Sedan Grain and Beef Factory-Union County, New Mexico
2) Cowan/Vandiver Roads (480 +/-), Union County, New Mexico
3) New Mexico Hwy. 102/Cowan Road (314 acres +/-), Union County, New Mexico
4) Rancho Pequenio-Union County, New Mexico
Any of these properties will work good with the subject property in the event that additional acreage is desired.

4. A domestic well equipped with a submersible electric motor and pump furnishes water for the home, improvements and water for livestock.
5. One half of the State Leased section is in improved/native grass with two irrigated circles on the remaining half section (corners on the irrigated circles remain in grass).

Information on the sprinklers and irrigation equipment is as follows:
a. The northeast circle has a 1985 Valley pivot sprinkler nozzled @ 400 gallons per minute with low drops spaced on 60“ centers with standard size (11.2x24) tires.
b. The northwest circle has a 1975 Gifford Hill pivot sprinkler nozzled @ 475 gallons per minute with low drops spaced on 60“ centers with standard size (11.2x24) tires.
c. The two south quarters of the property have had a sprinkler on improved grass which has been allowed to revert to mostly native grass.

The sprinkler parked on the southwest quarter of the property is a 1985 Valley pivot sprinkler equipped with low drops spaced on 60” centers with standard size (11.2x24) tires.

d. The three irrigation wells on the property and the pivot sprinklers are all tied together with 50lb. PVC underground irrigation pipe.

According to the owner, one irrigation well is drilled approximately 560 ft. deep and is equipped with a turbine pump powered by a vertical hollow-shaft electric motor producing approximately 450 gpm. The two remaining wells are drilled approximately 325 ft. deep and are equipped with submersible electric motors and pumps producing approximately 50 gpm from one well and 30 gpm from the other well.

It is generally assumed that in this area that drilling to deeper depths will produce considerably more gallons per minute per well.

According to the Owner he runs one sprinkler at a time year round.

The state leased section is currently leased at $2.00 per acre annually.

The State Lease will be transferred to a Buyer upon Buyer’s purchase of owner’s improvements and equipment.

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