Ben G. Scott
TX-OK Broker

Krystal M. Nelson

Gerald M. Smith

Robert D. Nelson
TX Sales Agent

Tony R. Gabel
NM Associate Broker

Feller Hughs
TX Sales Agent

Ben Scott Jr.
TX Sales Agent
NM Associate Broker

Klay Clearman
TX Sales Agent

Bill West
NM Associate Broker

Ron Deeds
NM/CO Associate Broker

Carla Deeds
NM/CO Associate Broker

Anessa G. Friemel
TX Sales Agent

Lee Gabel
TX Sales Agent

(800) 933-9698
(806) 647-4375
5:00 am - 10:00 pm CST

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Thank you for visiting Scott Land Company. We would like you to be in touch with our offices so that we can answer any questions you may have about our properties. Please ring us during normal business hours and speak to any of our team, or take a moment to fill out our Contact Form below to send us a message at any hour of the day or night. We will call you back at our earliest opportunity. Again, thanks for stopping by, and have a great day.

Scott Land Company, LLC


Phone: (800) 933-9698

Mailing Address:
1301 Front Street-Dimmitt, Texas 79027

Physical Office Address:
1368 North Hwy 385-Dimmitt, Texas

~ Ben Scott, Owner-Broker >>>EMAIL<<<
~ Krystal M Nelson, Owner-Broker/NMQB
~ Gerald M Smith, Broker Associate
~ Robert Nelson, Sales Associate
~ Tony R. Gabel, Sales Associate
~ Feller Hughs, Sales Associate
~ Ben Scott Jr., Sales Associate
~ Klay Clearman, Sales Associate
~ Bill West, Sales Associate
~ Ron Deeds, Sales Associate
~ Carla Deeds, Sales Associate
~ Anessa G. Friemel, Sales Associate
~ Lee Gabel, Sales Associate
~ Angie Ramirez, Advertising




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  Scott Land Company LLC ~ Mailing address: 1301 Front Street~Dimmitt, Texas 79027
Physical Office Address: 1368 North Hwy. 385~Dimmitt, Texas.
Phone: (800) 933-9698 ~ (806) 647-4375   5:00 am - 10:00 pm CST

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Independently owned in the Real Estate Business for over half a century,
specializing in farms and ranches, both Dry and Irrigated